Jo Volpe
Jo Volpe
My three favorite strength movements would be Squat Clean @ 85kgs, Snatch @ 62.5kgs & Squat Clean & Jerk @ 80kgs. All time favorite workout is The Seven Mum of 2 little boys


CrossFit Level 1 Cert III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training QLD BlueCard Cert III in Business Administration Cert IV in Accounting


Jo Volpe

Health and Fitness has always been important to me for as long as I can remember! Even as a little girl, I was always active. I played a lot of sports growing up, you name it, I did it! The athletics carnival at school was what I lived for throughout my schooling years!  So much so, in grade 11 I commenced my studies in a Cert III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training, which I then completed in 2010. I was a Personal Trainer for 3 and a bit years which I loved. I even challenged myself to a fair few Body Building competitions which I found so rewarding! A lot of hard work and dedication and discipline went into that. In 2016 I needed a change and fell into the arms of CrossFit. What a life-changing moment! I had many moments of self-doubt and defiantly questioned myself on many occasions... but with consistency, persistence and just showing up, I was an addict in no time!  I could see and feel the benefits. I loved the mental and physical challenges and I could see I was making progress! Outside of fitness training. I am a mom of 4 grown children.  I am a high school Cross Country and Track and Field Coach at Morley Stanwood.  I also volunteer on the Sports Boosters, fundraising, and in other areas at the school as needed.  I love spending time with family and friends, hiking, traveling, playing pickleball, and being outside.  In high school, I played basketball, was on the cheer team, and played second base on the softball team. I’ve learned that being active is so important and fun and  I love teaching others how to enjoy incorporating fitness into their lifestyles!

There never really was a turning point for me, if anything it was a moment I had just shortly after having my little boy in 2019 when I became a mum. With the mental and emotional load we take on for our little ones, we can sometimes find ourselves giving them our absolute everything and leaving very little in the tank for ourselves. That can leave us feeling tired and absolutely exhausted! I went back to CrossFit for the stimulation and sense of well-being and to get those endorphins back again. My health is even more important now that I have two little boys who need me to be active and healthy. My goal is to be the healthiest and strongest version of myself for my family.

I love helping people and making them feel comfortable and accepted. As a Coach, I want the absolute best outcome in every situation for the members, I feel as though I am on their journey with them. I get so much enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment when members get a PB or succeed at a skill that they have been working so hard on. It's those little wins that I find most rewarding as a Coach. My advice to anyone is to stay consistent and the results will follow